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San Francisco, CA

Thriving Archives works with footage companies to develop and execute marketing and business development strategies. We also produce market research reports on the global footage licensing industry and partner with companies providing services to the stock footage industry. 

Collaborations with Companies and Organizations Serving the Stock Footage Business

Thriving Archives performs business development and marketing services for the purpose of helping partners expand and develop their products; build new client relationships; identify and develop new revenue streams; enhance their industry visibility; and expand their value proposition. Because we’re working actively in this specific market sector, we are able to help our partners achieve their specific goals either through dedicated or joint marketing initiatives. Network members are typically highlighted in joint direct e-mail, joint sales presentations, as well as other marketing communications channels. In some cases, two or more Partners Network members will be able to combine services, talents and assets to create new products and/or services.


If you have a product or service that you believe would be of value to companies in the stock footage industry and would like to work with Thriving Archives to increase your visibility in this vertical, connect with decision-makers and close deals, we would be very interested in talking with you further.


Please contact us by email at davidwseevers(at)gmail(dot) com.